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Embroidery Service In Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Adelaide and Perth CBD

What is Uniform Embroidery?

Embroidery is a traditional craft with a rich history, involving the stitching of decorative designs onto fabric. It's a versatile technique used to customize garments, accessories, and other fabric items by adding logos, text, or intricate patterns. Through digitization, nearly any design can be translated into a format compatible with embroidery machines. This process opens up endless possibilities for personalization and creative expression on various fabric surfaces.

What Are the Pros and Cons of Embroidery?


Durability: Embroidery offers long-lasting results, as stitched designs resist fading and peeling over time.

Professional Appearance: Adding embroidery to garments creates a polished and high-quality look, perfect for workwear and branded apparel.

Texture: Embroidery adds tactile depth to fabric, enhancing visual appeal.

Longevity: Embroidered designs endure the lifespan of the garment, ensuring enduring brand presence.


Complexity: Detailed designs or small text might lose clarity in embroidery, impacting visual intricacy.

Color Limitations: Embroidery is constrained by thread color options, potentially limiting choices compared to printing.

Weight: Added thread weight can affect the feel of garments, potentially unsuitable for lightweight fabrics.

How Much Does Garment Embroidery Cost?

15 – 29  qty                      $12.00 ea

30 – 49  qty                      $10.00 ea

50 – 99  qty                      $8.00 ea

100 +      qty                      Ask for a quote
Prices include GST. Minimum of 15 garments per order.
Unit prices include one position only. Additional positions to be quoted.

Embroidery Set-Up Fee
The embroidery setup is a digitised file needed to operate the embroidery machine. Generally, a set-up fee is charged for the initial service. However, we provide a FREE set-up service for all of our customers. 

Production Time

Once artwork is approved, lead time is approximately 8-14 working days* plus shipping

*Production time may vary for larger orders

Can you embroider directly onto clothes?

Yes, this technique allows for precise and stylish personalization of clothing items. By digitising designs, embroidery machines seamlessly translate patterns onto fabric surfaces, making it a favored choice for customization enthusiasts. From corporate branding on uniforms to adding flair to everyday wear.

Is embroidery cheaper than printing?

While embroidery may have a higher initial cost, its durability and longevity can provide value over time. For larger orders or intricate designs, printing might offer a more budget-friendly option upfront. Your choice ultimately depends on your specific needs, budget, and desired outcome for your custom garments.

Why does embroidery cost so much?

The cost of embroidery reflects the craftsmanship, quality materials, specialized equipment, and intricacy of the design involved in creating customized garments. While it may seem expensive upfront, the durability and professional appearance of embroidered apparel often justify the investment in the long run.


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